Thursday, October 7, 2010


The first screen grab establishes the face of the mystery man who may easily
be mistaken for Mark Herras. The second screen grab shows someone whose face
is not seen showing off his penis.

A screen grab of a man who has a strikingly resembles actor Mark Herras of GMA-7 showing his private parts in a webcam conversation is circulating online and people are curious whether it is for real or simply a product of Photoshop manipulation.

Two sets of screen grabs are shown-- the first one establishes the face of the man in question and the second one depicts someone whose face is not seen exposing his stiff penis. To an untrained eye, the images may appear to be connected with one another because of the consistency of details including image texture, similarity of background, and the color of the shirt of the subject. But then again, at this time when digital imaging has achieved a very level of sophistication, no one should right away jump into conclusions.

Mr Blind Item has decided not to post the second screen grab to protect the interest of the mystery man who obviously do not have any idea that the person he is chatting online is taking screen grabs of his image.

Mr Blind Item is open anytime to hear the side of Mark Herras on the story.

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