Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Indie Actor (IA) has waited for his big break for years. And after getting the top bill in a well-produced and critically acclaimed gay independent movie, his showbiz career seem unstoppable. Good for him since he seem to be a brilliant and really dedicated actor.

But IA has an embarrassing secret. Contrary to what a scene in his movie has depicted, the mestizo actor do not possess an exciting manhood. In fact, according to a Young Actress (YA) that he dated a few years ago, IA's pecker is "barely there." I don't really know what she meant until she showed her index finger. (And her index finger is really small!)

"It was a romantic night that ended in my bedroom. While having sex, I felt nothing. I couldn't help but wish everything to end as fast as possible... I didn't return his calls the next day," the naughty actress told her friends.

Who is IA? I can't say but I really like his movie.