Monday, September 20, 2010


Before I start the Part 2 of my blog entry "10 Men Most Suspected of Being Gay In Philippine Showbiz Today," let me list down the usual reasons why a male celebrity becomes the subject of such a nasty rumor.  

a. If he is too hot to be straight, he must be gay (or we wish he is gay!) In local showbiz, the intensity of gay rumors is directly proportional to his level of hotness.
b. If he acts soft, effeminate, flamboyant, vain, or squeaky clean
c. If he acts trying too hard to be straight
d. If he has never been involved in a serious relationship with a woman outside his leading lady for promotional purposes of a movie or a telenovela
e. If his eyes say it all. The gaydar is actually heavily dependent on eye contacts.
f. If he prefers beautiful women as his friend instead of considering her to be a girlfriend or a fling
g. If he has flirted or slept with a kiss-and-tell. It becomes a direct confirmation of his sexuality.

Moving forward, here is the second batch:

Reason To Believe: Speculations on the sexual preference of actor-entrepreneur Marvin Agustin began right at the moment he joined showbiz. His jolly, pa-cute onscreen personality didn't help as well as the fact that he never really got seriously involved with a woman aside from his old flame Jolina Magdangal.  

Reason To Doubt: Marvin is the father of an identical twin named Sebastian and Santiago (the mother is pre-school owner Tetet Dy). He is involved in various sports activities including Archery (although my generation finds that is very Yellow 4 of Bioman).

Reason To Believe: Everything about Mark is just so perfect and that makes you doubt if he is even a human being. But in the absence of proof of alien life, he is rumored instead to be gay. His best buddy and Amazing Race Asia tandem Rovilson Fernandez is constantly linked to him. The two just laugh about the issue.    

Reason To Doubt: Mark like girls-- and it's pretty obvious especially during Miss Earth pageants. There were eye witness reports on his constant flirting (an even having affairs) with the best looking ladies of the competition. He is into extreme sports too, a field most gay men avoids.

Reason To Believe: When the boyish Mark won as Sarah Geronimo's runner-up, I easily got attracted to him-- so as thousands of other gay men out there. I think he has a certain unexplainable sex appeal. People really didn't question his sexuality until the nasty gossip linking him to Piolo Pascual came out early this year. 

Reason To Doubt: Mark was every man's envy when he dated the stunning beauty queen turned PBB Housemate Riza Santos. And he acts just well enough to pass for a straight guy.

Photoshop template. Change Eric's head and you might
be the next guy to be rumored with Piolo.
Reason To Believe: Well-mannered Eric falls on the soft side. He seems conscious and guarded when he speaks and acts, and that instantly made so many people think that he is gay. Aside from his controversial relationship with Rufa Mae Quinto, Eric's track record with girls is almost zero. Once, an obviously photoshopped image of him embracing Piolo Pascual was circulated online.  

Reason To Doubt: Did I mention that he dated Rufa Mae Quinto? He must be man enough to take the place of a professional basketball player in her heart.    


Reason To Believe: Sexy actor turned Manila City councilor Yul Servo was once whispered around as Piolo Pascual's gay lover. The issue became even bigger when Papa P offered his Best Actor Award for his work in Milan to his bestfriend Yul with the words "Bro, para sa 'yo to!"       

Reason To Doubt: Yul fails the gaydar test (to be very clear, passing means sensing that he is gay).

Disclaimer. The reasons to believe are common knowledge or rumors and stories previously discussed in public about the subjects. They are not a product of fiction by this writer. Likewise, I encourage everyone to make the best judgment based on facts. Not everything that you hear is true.


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