Saturday, December 15, 2012


Towering Beauty Queen (TBQ) discovered that love indeed hurts after a few months of living in with her Celebrity Boyfriend (CB). Once a favorite to win an international crown, the model-turned-beauty queen fell in love with the hunky CB who is known for his foreign upbringing.

But their love story ended soon after the regal-looking woman started literally tasting her own blood each time her hot-tempered and often jealous boyfriend lifts his heavy fist on her. She became his human punching bag, a DPA told MrBlindItem, making what she thought was an ideal domestic partnership a living hell.

There were unverified reports that the couple has privately exchanged vows last year. We hope it's not true so that TBQ can move on with her life without any legal drama. She has had more than enough.


JUST LIKE her predecessors Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup, the Philippines' bet to the 2012 Miss Universe pageant, pharmacist Janine Tugonon, is considered as one of the favorites to win the prestigious beauty title. Pageant sites including identified her as the strongest Asian contender so far and her stunning performance in the preliminary rounds has even made everyone believe that she is indeed the girl to beat for the Miss Universe crown.

But before we celebrate and claim our victory in the pageant, let me share to you some of my thoughts on Janine.

Stage Presence-- With Venus and Shamcey's mentoring, Janine was able to improve her stage presence from being an average girl to a "scene stealer" level. She exudes confidence and her catwalk skills is simply perfect.

Facial Features-- Good makeup, weight loss, and probably eye-control training has placed Janine's facial features to its best. Her exotic look is reminiscent of the great Miriam Quiambao. Not a bad improvement for someone I initially thought was on the league of Violeta Naluz, Carla Gay Balingit, Jennifer Barrientos, and Maria Isabel Lopez.

Determination-- Determination is a secret formula to success and Janine is packed with so much of that. I won't be surprised if her will power leads her to the Miss Universe crown.

Not Exactly The Best Batch of Contestants-- This is probably one of the most average looking batch of Miss Universe contestants. Unlike the past two years when almost everyone is competitive. It's actually easy for Janine to standout given the level of her competition. Lucky girl!

Sash Factor-- Donald Trump has business interests in the Philippines. Have you heard of the Trump Tower?

Body Proportion-- Janine's body proportion has improved dramatically from the time she won the local pageant. I am not sure how she lost those thunder thighs, but it was all for good. However, no matter how skinny her legs now are, she still looks visually short, specially in her silver long gown. Her published height is 5'9 but she seems 5'5 to 5'6 in her videos and photos. It's probably the length of her legs. (And mind you, the first round of elimination after the Top 16 is announced is the swimsuit segment.)

Too Polished-- I am worried that Janine's "too trained, too polished" demeanor may not impress the judges. The Miss Universe pageant is looking for model-type of women who are confident about themselves but are "fun" to be with. Janine is border lining to "over confident" and is too pageant patty. I hope she brings out her natural charisma on stage.

Best Placement: Top 16 only, may be eliminated after the Swimsuit Competition
Who Will Win The Miss Universe Title? A European girl or Miss USA

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A Gay Director (GD)  has been bragging about his sexual encounter with a Rumored-To-Be-Gay Leading Man (RLM) to his friends and even to strangers on various social media sites.

A reliable source of MrBlindItem said that GD, who had his share of controversies recently, could not keep his mouth shut about his memorable one night stand with the actor who has been the subject of his sexual fantasy since he joined showbiz. 

How did the kiss and tell  director got the leading actor bite his hook despite his relatively modest looks? His bait was a mirror.

Get it?