Sunday, October 3, 2010


Paolo in a tender moment with his two-year-old daughter Keira

The father and daughter in a playful mood

Paolo works hard to become a good father to Keira

Paolo looks very happy being a father

Noontime show host and actor Paolo Ballesteros embraces a new role in his life as a father to a beautiful and healthy two-year-old old daughter Keira Claire.

"It was exciting. I was right there when she was born in the United States," says Paolo, a regular host of the oldest noontime show in the Philippines Eat Bulaga. "We were actually born on the same date (November 29)."

Keira Potpot, as Paolo fondly call his first-born, is a product of a rekindled romance between him and his ex-girlfriend Kaye, who is now in the United States. The pregnancy wasn't planned but it was pleasantly accepted by the couple.

According to Paolo, Keira resembles his eyes, nose, head, and even his trademark dimples. Indeed, she is every inch his daughter.

Distance may tug the father and daughter apart but Paolo is determined to find a way to ensure that his baby grows up with his love and guidance. He saves up money for expensive airline tickets and keeps in touch with her with the help of the Internet.

Congratulations Paolo for having Keira in your life!

I will not be surprised if Keira becomes an actress or model someday.
She's very pretty.

Adorable photo of Keira in slumber
Photos courtesy of Paolo Ballesteros


  1. so cute naman ng baby nya..