Wednesday, November 23, 2011


She was the ultimate sex symbol during her time
IS IT TRUE THAT an Aging Sexy Actress (ASA) is engaged in a lewd online hobby?

A deep-penetration agent of MrBlindItem sent a link to a video capturing ASA while performing a striptease on a webcam for an unidentified online friend. At first, the actress gamely exposed her cosmetically enhanced breasts and started pulling down her gray underwear. The video showed a portion of her highly celebrated womanhood.

The actress is said to be always online looking for possible chatmates. And many of these not-so-wholesome conversations end up in online sex.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A SEX SCANDAL video of independent actor Miko Pasamonte, the lead actor of the film "The Escort," and an unidentified woman has been leaked in various porn sites including the free porn site Xtube.

The video shows the upcoming actor taking a video of himself while in an intimate moment with a woman. The mystery woman seem to disapprove the filming when Miko started focusing it their pumping scene.

Many suspect that the video was consciously released by the group of Miko as part of the promo of the movie.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


IT was perhaps the worst case of a body odor the source of this blind item has ever known. It was so bad that its smell is best likened to a rotten corpse.

In a taping of a popular weekly Kapuso TV show, Foreign-Bred Singer (FBS) came in with a big bang (the bang coming from his armpits)-- forcing almost everyone leave the dressing room while gasping for breath. It caused some stomach to turn around! We're not kidding. It was that bad.

I was told by another source, FBS's attitude is as foul as his "putok," thus the fallout with his very patient manager. He's not yet famous but I'm sure he'll be the talk of the town once more people gets to experience his natural body odor.  

Sunday, October 2, 2011


The actress behind this Planet of the Apes character must have envied Sexy Veteran Actress
for looking like a perfect cast of the movie without wearing heavy prosthetics.

IN AN EFFORT to defy her obvious age, Sexy Veteran Actress (SVA) seems to have habitually gone through the knife. Her Botoxed face, weird-shaped nose, and incontrollable eyelids are proofs that she is not accepting the toll of time.

But too much plastic surgery has completely ruined her face. Many have observed that instead looking younger and more beautiful, the former sex symbol has turned into a perfect cast of the hit movie "Planet of the Apes"-- but minus the heavy prosthetics. She is the best example of how harmful plastic surgery to someone's natural beauty.

Who is she? Look at the photo above and you would easily get to identify her.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


WE FILIPINOS take pride in being the only race who can laugh even in the toughest of times. Not even the fury of Typhoon Pedring can stop us from making fun of each other. Enjoy this crazy photo that I saw in Facebook. Laugh just like how the old woman did in the photo. Laugh and enjoy life-- come what may.


THIS is the second part--and the special twist--to my exceptionally juicy blind item (Blind Item #50) about two teen male stars who hooked up after meeting one night in Tomas Morato. As we all know, Moreno Teen Star (MTS) took home the younger Tisoy Teen Star (TTS) and offer him his brand of hospitality and more...

So after almost 20 hours of endless fucking (pardon my obscene language), the teen stars finally parted ways. The kiss-and-tell MTS ended up reporting all the details of the one-night-stand to the friends and management team of the foreign-bred TTS. A confrontation then happened between TTS and his well-informed manager causing the boyish-looking, partly-Caucasian singer to break into tears and claim that he was raped by the well-endowed teen actor who was a product of a reality search finalist. It was a serious accusation which was of course vehemently denied by MTS.

Yes, even prostitutes too do get raped (in fact, many of them always get raped but really never talk about it because no one would believe anyway.) But do we actually buy TTS's alibi? Now I want to ask him loudly: "NAG-ENJOY KA BA?" (Remember that popular movie line?)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


LAST WEEK's crowning of the first Miss Philippines-World was uneventful. With poor publicity efforts and a not-so-exciting roster of contestants who were mostly losing and disqualified beauties from Binibining Pilipinas, the pageant didn't create a natural buzz.  Worse, the coronation night was held at the eve of the much-awaited homecoming of the fabulous Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup.

So many of us only found out the results of the Cory Quirino-led Miss World-Philippines contest the day after when they were flashed on the front pages of the newspapers. Pageant veteran Gwendolyn Ruias, a six-foot Filipino-French woman will have the chance to fly to London and represent the Philippines in the Miss World pageant.

I honestly can't say if she deserved to win because I didn't watch the pageant. I have always thought Gwen's features and built are just too masculine and rough for a beauty queen. Her height though is an advantage but it ends there. To me she is simply just another clapper.

However, I believe that Gwen is going to take home the most elusive international pageant crown to Filipinos. (Remember, not even the exceptionally gorgeous Ruffa Gutierrez won the Miss World crown in 1993 when in far she was a clear standout!)  There seem to be a shift of politics in the Miss World organization led by Julia Morley and it is indeed to our sash's favor.

The eventual winner of the Miss World, if you didn't know, is always handpicked by Morley from among the Top 10 finalists. The logic, I guess, is she wants to make sure that the titleholder will live up to the advocacy of pageant.

The change of pageant organizers, from Stella Marquez de Araneta to Quirino, seemed to have please Morley so much so that she herself visited the Philippines along with the reigning Miss World Alexandria Mills of the United States. Mills even went back to Manila last weekend to personally crown Ruias. This is a very rare occasion for Filipinos to be visited by a Miss World winner. I really can't remember when was the first or last time it happened.

And so, whether we like Ruias or not, politics is in her favor and she is bound to win the Miss World 2011 crown.


Lust at first sight? These two male stars had an instant connection
and they brought it rightaway to the bed.
(Photo for illustration purposes only)

IT WAS LUST at first sight for these male teen stars who met in a midnight snack with their friends and their management team in a restaurant along Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Observers said that the two closeted gay teens openly flirted-- to the shock and disgust of everyone around them-- the moment they were introduced to each other.

It seems that the burning passion of Moreno Teen (who is a product of a network's reality talent search) and Tisoy Teen (a singer-dancer who grew up abroad) could not be contained that night that the two secretly decided to consummate it the whole night-- and the day after! The hunky Tisoy Teen was served the "bottomless T" by Moreno Teen who is known for his "generous serving."

There's another twist to their story and I'll spill the beans sooner.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


IS IT TRUE that a multi-billion peso deal is now being cooked for the "oberdabakod" of a Hugely Popular Actress (HPA) who has been loyal to her network since the 80s?

With her stature in the local entertainment industry and with the help of her newly appointed manager who happened to be a great negotiator, there is a chance that HPA even exceeds the P1.5 billion annual income of a TV host-- the highest paid Pinoy celebrity today.

Reliable sources said that the network transfer might happen soon after the actress' show ends in a few weeks.

Wow, if this is true, P1.5 billion is such a fat pay check!


Luzelle Felipe is the kind of girl that can take home the Miss Universe crown

IN MARCH 2012, Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup will relinquish her crown as Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2011. The heir to her throne will bear the pressure no other Filipino beauty queen has ever experienced. She is expected to outshine Shamcey and her predecessor Venus Raj's stellar performances and runner-up placements in Miss Universe.

As I always point out, the Miss Universe Pageant is at the end of the day a search for the most beautiful girl in the universe. It's about THREE KEY ELEMENTS: 1. beauty of face, 2. height and proportion, and elegance and stage presence.

The post-Sushmita Sen years is definitely over. The question and answer portion isn't a display of intelligence anymore. It is more of a showcase of the contestants' poise and grace under pressure. More so, the current Miss Universe format will not allow a physically mediocre but smart girl the slightest chance to be in the Top 5. Even if Shamcey is a UP Diliman Magna Cum Laude graduate and an Architecture Board Exams top notcher, she reached the elite Top 5 because of her gorgeous face and body and captivating personality.

So now the question is, who should replace Shamcey and continue our winning streak in the Miss Universe Pageant? My best bet is no other than pedicab driver Luzelle Felipe from Malolos, Bulacan.

Who is Luzelle and why am I so confident that she can win the Miss Universe crown? At 5'10, she no doubt is a stunner. She has an exotic face that can standout amidst a hundred or so beauties and an interesting background-- just like Venus-- that can create international headlines.

Luzelle's Achilles heel though is answering questions. But she has proven during the Binibining Pilipinas 2010 pageant that she no Janina San Miguel. She has great presence of mind. If needed, we can for the first time bring an interpreter to the Miss Universe pageant (try Senator Miriam Defensor!). The judges don't really mind having an interpreter around. The Latina girls, who mostly speak good English, use the interpreters as a good cheat during the critical Q&A portion.

Here are some of Luzelle's photos. And with good styling and training, this will can bring us our third Miss Universe crown.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Teen Actor is trying out the oldest (not necessarily noble) profession in the world 

AFTER a failed attempt at show business, this Teen Actor (TA) is now being practical. And by practical I mean finding a real job-- only in his case he is more comfortable trying out the oldest profession in the world.

Yes, TA is now openly accepting bookings from showbiz gays including writers, stylists, makeup artists, and even gay actors. And unlike others, he made his rate pretty "reasonable" to encourage more customers to have access to him. MrBlindItem was told by a client that TA is just within the P5,000 and below rate for a night.

You've seen TA in a reality TV show in a major network. And while his batch mates have become big stars already, he is completely forgotten in the dark.

Life is like a cup of coffee for this Teen Actor. It's bitter!
(photo for illustration purposes only)

Friday, September 16, 2011


OPM Pop heartthrobs Gold, Yuki, Anjo and Kim will be opening the American Idol mall shows in Trinoma
on Sunday, September 18, and in Market! Market! on Monday, September 19. Both shows start at 3pm.

POP HEARTTHROBS 1:43 (pronounced as “one forty-three”) was handpicked by international label MCA Music as guest performers in the much-anticipated American Idol Season 10 mall tours in Trinoma and Market! Market! on Sunday and Monday, respectively.  
The mall tour features the Top 11 finalists of American Idol Season 10 including Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart, Jacob Lusk, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Naima Adedapo, Paul McDonald, Pia Toscano, Stefano Langone, Fil-American Thia Megia and winner Scotty McCreery. This is the very first time for these idols to perform in Asia.
“It’s such an honor to perform in the American Idol malls shows. We are a big fan of the reality TV show for so long now that’s why I still can’t believe until now that we’ll have an opportunity to share the stage with its top 11 finalists,” says 1:43 lead vocals Yuki Sakamoto.
A fusion of Asian looks and genuine Original Pilipino Music (OPM) pop music, the boyband is composed of Sakamoto, an HRM student from Centro Escolar University (CEU), Anjo Resurreccion, a University of Santo Tomas (UST) Psychology graduate and a member of a university theater group; Gold Aquino, a Business Administration student from CEU and a campus heartthrob; and Kim Nicolas a Nursing student from Trinity University of Asia and a Candy Magazine model.
1:43’s debut slambook inspired album titled “Time for Love” is recognized by record bars Astroplus and Odyssey as one of today’s bestselling album.  It contains 10 tracks of original OPM pop music including its hit single “Pag-Ibig Na Kaya?” or “PiNK” and the controversial “Merry Christmas Na” which was released as a digital single in 2010.
American Idol is one of the most popular reality-based series on American television and has gained a worldwide fan base. The show seeks to discover new recording artists through a series of televised auditions and competitions.
Finalists and winners must get the approval of the three judges and votes of viewers. Viewers cast their vote by calling one toll-free telephone number assigned for each finalist.
American Idol holds the record of being the number one TV show for seven consecutive seasons. The tenth season’s panel of judges include Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.
“We are excited to meet the AI finalists in person, especially my crush Thia. I find her extremely talented and beautiful and I am proud that she’s also Filipino,” relates Gold.
Fans of 1:43 are encouraged to support the boy band as they perform with some of the biggest stars of Hollywood for an unforgettable day of great music and world-class live performances, covering the genres of country music, jazz, pop and rock.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Indie Actor (IA) has waited for his big break for years. And after getting the top bill in a well-produced and critically acclaimed gay independent movie, his showbiz career seem unstoppable. Good for him since he seem to be a brilliant and really dedicated actor.

But IA has an embarrassing secret. Contrary to what a scene in his movie has depicted, the mestizo actor do not possess an exciting manhood. In fact, according to a Young Actress (YA) that he dated a few years ago, IA's pecker is "barely there." I don't really know what she meant until she showed her index finger. (And her index finger is really small!)

"It was a romantic night that ended in my bedroom. While having sex, I felt nothing. I couldn't help but wish everything to end as fast as possible... I didn't return his calls the next day," the naughty actress told her friends.

Who is IA? I can't say but I really like his movie.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


OPM pop sensation 1:43 (pronounced as “one forty-three”) rule the local record bars with their debut album “Time for Love” by consistently being on the top 10 bestselling OPM album charts since it was launched in April.

Now on its third print, the slambum or slambook-album under MCA Music continuously rakes sales and competes with the records of popular OPM artists despite having minimal television and radio exposures. In fact, it landed on the No. 2 spot in Odyssey’s top OPM albums last April. “Time for Love” currently enjoys the No. 4 spot in the Best-selling OPM Album Chart of Astroplus.

1:43’s popularity is likewise evident in their school and campus shows that are always packed with screaming fans, especially teenage girls, that go crazy over them.

“We did not expect this kind of reception because 1:43 isn’t getting so much radio and TV mileages yet. I think their phenomenal sales shows that the boy band’s online popularity is translating into huge album sales,” says talent manager and music producer Chris Cahilig.

1:43 have also conquered the fashion scene by being the new ambassadors of innovative teen retail brand F'g Freshgear. Their bus ads can be seen along the main roads of Metro Manila.

“While there will be big movements in the musical career of 1:43 in the coming months including a music grant from a huge Filipino fast food chain, we are focusing our efforts in bringing the boy band and their brand of OPM pop music closer to their youth fan base,” adds Chris.

1:43 is composed of four talented, charming, and stylish lads, namely, Anjo Resurreccion, a University of Santo Tomas Psychology graduate and a member of a university theater group; Gold Aquino, a Business Administration student from the Centro Escolar University (CEU) and a campus heartthrob; Kim Nicolas, a Nursing student from Trinity University of Asia and a Candy Magazine model; and Yuki Sakamoto, an Hotel and Restaurant Management student from CEU-Makati and the main vocalist of the group. The boy band was initially marketed in social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube before their official release.

“Time for Love” is a collection of feel-good original Pinoy pop songs, including their minus one versions. It also gives music fans a glimpse of the personal lives of the 1:43 members as it features interesting and revealing trivia of the boys, plus their exclusive photos.

The boys of 1:43 are the endorsers of F'g Freshgear
What probably makes “Time for Love” a huge hit among music lovers is the refreshing mix and sounds of the songs as well as their heartfelt lyrics. Critically acclaimed producer and arranger Jonathan Ong of SonicState Studio and brilliant singer-composer and vocal arranger Myrus collaborated with 1:43 to give the album distinct and feel-good energy.

To date, 1:43’s Fanpage in Facebook has garnered over 33, 000 “Likes” and their YouTube videos are being widely circulated.

“Time For Love” by 1:43 is presented by Glitz and Dreamgirl Cosmetics by 4U2 and is supported by F’g Freshgear Jeans and Avida Towers. More information and updates about 1:43 are available in their official Facebook fan page or you may call Chris Cahilig Talent Services at 6647213 or 6872649 and 92.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


FILIPINOS bring out their best in times of adversity—and now that Original Pilipino Music (OPM) is slowly fading, Filipino artists and audiences are working together to save it.

Efforts are currently focused on the second leg of Tunog Natin free OPM concert series to be held at the grounds of Avida Towers Centera along EDSA Corner Reliance St. on July 23 at exactly 7pm. Presented by Avida Land Corp., the concert showcases the best of Filipino music through the years. It coincides with the launch date of the second tower of Avida Towers Centera, Avida’s latest condominium offering in Mandaluyong City.

Power line-up
The all-OPM repertoire of Tunog Natin will be performed by some of the most respected artists in Filipino music from the 1980s, 1990s to the present.
Aiza Seguerra

Barbie Almalbis

Davey Langit

Faith Cuneta

Kiss Jane

Kitchie Nadal

They include: rock legend The Dawn; pop rock artist Tanya Markova; and pop quartet Kiss Jane; gold record singer-composer Myrus; acoustic prince Davey Langit; and balladeer Faith Cuneta. True Faith, who performed in the first “Tunog Natin!” concert, will be back to please the crowd with their New Wave-pop fusion.

Also in the line-up is singer-songwriter and actress Aiza Seguerra, one of OPM’s biggest, most talented stars.

One of the highlights of the show is undoubtedly the back-to-back performances of Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almalbis, two of the greatest voices in the alternative pop-alternative rock scene. Kitchie’s edgy, intense vocals plus Barbie’s distinctly endearing singing style are a match that will surely wow the audience.

Mitch Valdes


Tanya Markova

The Dawn

True Faith

The legendary Mitch Valdes will also be performing. A veteran of music, theater, film and television, Mitch is one of the founders of Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM). She is currently the organization’s Chairman of the Board.

“We want each leg of Tunog Natin to offer something different each time to highlight the richness of OPM. For this second concert, we again exhibit the many genres within OPM—we have a varied, exciting line-up of artists for this show,” says Myrus, Project Head of Tunog Natin.

“I’m also proud to say that we have been consistent in keeping our promise to showcase the very best of OPM. The artists in this second Tunog Natin concert are top-notch. Whether they are younger acts or veteran performers, they are simply the best in their respective genres,” he adds.

OPM all the way
Event presenter Avida Land, Inc. is in full support of the show.

“The success of the first Tunog Natin concert proves that Filipino audiences have not abandoned OPM. We need to focus our efforts into putting more OPM ‘out there’ where audiences are able to hear and enjoy it,” explains Tess Tatco, Avida Land Marketing Manager.

All Filipino music lovers are encouraged to attend the second Tunog Natin free concert—not only will we have great time reminiscing over classic OPM favorites, we will also see how the next generation of performers are taking our local music into new, thrilling dimensions. Best of all, we’ll be helping continue the legacy of OPM for future generations.

Tunog Natin is supported by the Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM) and Aquaquest .

The Map

Friday, June 10, 2011


Renovations are going on at this Forbes Park residence
allegedly owned by Manny Pacquiao

I wonder how the house would look like after the finishing touches

FILIPINO boxing champion and Saranggani District Representative is building a new mansion-- this time at the posh Forbes Park in Makati City where the nation's old rich thrive.

Insiders informed Mr Blind Item that the world's greatest boxer today is paying for the renovations of an extravagant Forbes Park home at #32 Cambridge Street in North Forbes Park. The real estate value of a typical Forbes Park home fetches at P500 million to P1billion. 

The new Pacquiao home is indeed worthy of getting another coverage from MTV Cribs. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


A FREE concert series featuring some of the most distinguished and promising names in the local music scene will be staged at the Ayala Triangle Gardens on June 15 to lobby for public support for the dying Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

Presented by Avida Land Corp., "Tunog Natin! An OPM Concert Series" is a call to revive the Filipino audience’s interest for homegrown artists and locally-produced records. The free show will start at exactly 7pm.


Jim Paredes


Performers include singer-songwriter and APO Hiking Society stalwart Jim Paredes, whose work from the 1980s include recordings and compositions that are considered OMP classics. There’s also True Faith, whose music has grown even more unforgettable since they began in the 1990s--with their blend of New Wave, easy listening, middle of the road and pop to create an OPM sound that is truly their own.

Established performers include OPM bossa nova queen Sitti, the sweet-voiced pioneer of the OPM bossa nova sound revival in 2009. Also featured are alternative OPM rock bands Callalily6cyclemind and Pedicab whose music continue to define and evolve their genre. They are joined by Princess Velasco and Sabrina, the best-selling acoustic artists today.

Princess Velasco



Up and coming OPM superstars are also in the show, including gold record artist and composer  Myrus; ground-breaking OPM boyband 1:43 (“One Forty-three”) ; multi-awarded R&B artist Arnee Hidalgo; and acoustic act Aries Sales. All of the artists in “Tunog Natin!” will perform an all-OPM repertoire.

Myrus, who is also the project head of “Tunog Natin!” says the concert series seeks to revive interest and appreciation for OPM to assure the future of both the artists and Filipino music.

“No less than the future of OPM is at stake in this concert. It would be such a loss to our cultural heritage if we do not fight the trend and just allow OPM to die out. It’s also in the best interest of Filipino musicians, especially the young, up-and-coming artists, for OPM to continue—our future as musical artists depends on it,” Myrus explains.

True Faith



1:43 (one forty-three)
The event presenter Avida Land Corp. is supporting the project to contribute to the preservation and development of Filipino culture—particularly Original Pilipino Music.

"OPM represents the best music that we can share with one another and offer the rest of the world. Life for a true-blue Pinoy is simply unimaginable without it. Over the years, since the 1980s, OPM has evolved with our culture and passed on to many generations. It is a source of pride as well as a source of inspiration for Filipinos. Those of us who have a passionate and abiding love for OPM are welcome to Tunog Natin!," says Tess Tatco, marketing manager of Avida Land Corp.

Filipino audiences are urged to help bring new life to OPM and save the heritage and legacy of Filipino musicians by attending this free concert series. These concerts will not only showcase the beauty and creativity of Filipino music but will also preserve and promote OPM for generations to come.  

Aries Sales

Arnee Hidalgo