Monday, September 9, 2013


Is it true that Popular Teen Star (PTS) of a major TV network is a kept-boy of Rich Korean Businessman (RKB)?

A mole informed MrBlindItem that the charismatic young actor, who is known to have come from mixed lineages, has been romantically involved with the much older and exceptionally generous East Asian man for a few years now. It is not clear, however, if the affair is motivated by his need for money or real love.

An abundant number of photos of supposed couple are posted on the Facebook account of RKB. One need not be a genius to figure out that their sweetness is beyond the boundaries of friendship.

Many believe that the boy-next-door PTS can be the next big thing in Philippine showbiz that is why his mother network has been giving him all the big breaks that he needs.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


TEEN BAND Line of 7 has created a stir on various social media channels this week after it released online a music video that did not leave anything to the imagination.  

The risqué promotional video for the group’s debut single “Langit” has been banned a few times on Facebook and Youtube after concerned netizens reported the video for being “inappropriate” because of its frontal nudity and breasts exposure contents.

“Langit” instantly became the trending subject on the Facebook and Twitter only hours after its release. While many found the music video entertaining because of its sex-comedy genre, some found it offensive.

“Our music video depicts the sexual fantasies of male Filipino teens on their remedial class teacher. It is the first of its kind in the Philippines,” says Line of 7 lead guitarist and second vocalist Alex Dieudonne.

“We wanted to be truthful and realistic in showing what really goes on in the minds of our fellow male teens. It isn’t intended to be pornographic—perhaps, just a little naughty—that’s why we think that it doesn’t deserve to be taken out of Facebook and Youtube,” he adds.

The seductive teacher Lang Sky
Composed of vocalist Argee Golding, bassist Seth Torralba, and drummer Matt Ong, and Dieudonne, Line of 7 represents the sentiments of the free-spirited, fun-loving and carefree Filipino youths of today. The band’s name, Line of 7, cleverly appeals to students who receive barely passing grades.

Independent actress Lang Sky took the challenge as the seductive high school teacher in the music video directed by Ace Villena and produced by the band manager Chris Cahilig. Meanwhile, the song “Langit” was composed by Urie Tesorio. It became the “Most Wanted Song” in 97.1 Barangay LS.

According to Ong, the “more wholesome” version of the controversial music video can still be viewed on Youtube while the censored version found its way to various sexually charged websites, including popular porn sites.

Line of 7