Sunday, April 17, 2011


I've met AJ Perez a few times, and one of them was at the backstage of the  "Then and Now Concert" in the SM Mall of Asia open grounds in May of 2010. I was impressed with the young man's sweet demeanor-- he had a sincere smile ready for everyone he met. A few months after, we bumped each other at the taping of his new show "Shoutout" and in ASAP while I was accompanying my talent Bekimon. When I heard the news that he got a big role in "Sabel," I felt really happy for him. He was a good boy who deserved a break.

This Sunday morning's news about his sudden death was beyond saddening. It made me realize how precious the gift of life is and how fast it can be taken away from us. It was just too soon for AJ.

I ask all my readers a short prayer to the boy who would have been a man soon named AJ Perez. May his soul rest in peace...

Saturday, April 16, 2011


ONE week after General Santos City lass Shamcey Supsup have won the Binibining Pilipinas-Universe title fairly and squarely, she is confronted with the reality that the road to the Miss Universe crown is still long and rough. Her biggest duty is to break the three-decade absence of the prestigious crown in a Filipina's head. And this early, I know it won't be easy for her.

Shamcey stood out in perhaps the most competitive Binibining Pilipinas pageant in history. I have never seen such a magnificent display of beauties since the batch of Charlene Gonzales in 1994 (but the pageant was held earlier because the Philippines was then the host of the Miss Universe pageant). She is beautiful, fit, and articulate but I think it was her academic credentials that got her the title. Who wouldn't have voted for a UP Magna Cum Laude graduate who has topped the architecture board exams?

So before we forget that Miss Universe is the most glamourous beauty pageant in the world and not an academic exercise, let me share my most objective thoughts on Shamcey's possible standing in the Miss Universe pageant and what she can do to make herself a viable contender to the title.

WHAT THE MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT IS LOOKING FOR. Miss Universe constantly changes it standards and in recent years showed that Donald Trump prefers women with supermodel qualities--tall, slender, sleepy-eyed, and classy. She should be extremely telegenic and photogenic and walks the walk. But on top of everything, should be able to bring the cash to the Miss Universe bank account. It's a business venture after-all, right Donald?

Current titleholder Ximena Navarette of Mexico is an exception. More than anything, I think she is a product of politics and good publicity. Who wouldn't like the idea of having a former Miss Universe (Lupita Jones) produce her country's second queen? Plus Mexico is a huge Telemundo market.

And now the problem begins. Shamcey is not what the Miss Universe pageant is looking for. She is a pretty over-achiever who would have been a strong contender in the post-Sushmita Sen years. But not now. She would be drowned by extremely gorgeous women from all over the globe who most likely would have even better credentials than her.  At worst, she can be another Theresa Licaros or Zorayda Andam and hopes that her countrymen intensified their efforts in the internet poll.

But let's not underestimate Shamcey. I believe that this girl is so smart that she can actually architect herself into the woman that the Miss Universe organization is looking for. She has enough time to push her boundaries and be at her best when it is needed.

Shamcey's smile can be improved by having dental reshaping. Her teeth are too
squarish and masculine. They should be a bit round and more feminine.
FACIAL BEAUTY. Do not get me wrong. Overall I find Shamcey pretty but not striking. I hate it too when people compare her beauty to Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela because while I agree that their is indeed a semblance, Shamcey would look a poor second beside her. The challenge then is to maximize her natural facial features through the magic of make-up and superb hairstyling. She should also train herself on camera to avoid her bad angles, especially her not-so-pointed nose. BPCI should hire the best aesthetic dentist to fix her imperfect smile and teeth (I find them too squarish and masculine. A 30-minute reshaping of her teeth can make them a bit round and more feminine).

Again, Shamcey should be Shamcey during the Miss Universe pageant and not a copycat of Stefania.

Yes they look alike but Shamcey should be Shamcey and not a poor Stefania copycat

FIGURE. While Shamcey's figure is lean, it is not competitive. She badly needs to improve her toning for her to get a better scores in the swimsuit competition.

CATWALK. I recommend that Shamcey works on a signature catwalk which she should unleash only during the preliminary rounds so that no one can copy or preempt it. Her catwalk style has to be different and she should carry it with extreme confidence.

LONG GOWN. I only have one name of a designer in mind who can create an outstanding gown that will make DShamcey's competition eat her dust-- Michael Cinco. Do I need to explain why?

A Michael Cinco creation
INTERVIEW. This is something that I think Shamcey should work on harder. She should remember the difference between a good classroom recitation or a university debate from a Miss Universe interview. I do not doubt that she would give a sensible answer. I just really worried about her delivery. She should always be fun, casual, engaging, and witty while answering the question.

PAGEANT GIMMICK. A pageant gimmick is important in getting noticed and securing a Top 15 slot. The publicity that Miriam Quiambao and Venus Raj generated through their individual circumstances-- Miriam falling on stage, Venus getting dethroned-- made both of them a must in the semi-final rounds.

But what kind of pageant gimmicks should Shamcey do? I already have something in mind and I am only willing to share it to Gus de Castro of BPCI.

Overall, I think it's exciting to see Shamcey's transformation soon. I will definitely cheer for her, and bite my nails, come Miss Universe pageant.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Binibining Pilipinas 2011 is over, and many pageant experts just like yours truly are still in disbelief on what has happened. It seemed like forty angels of beauty descended from the heavens all at the same time. But the problem was, only three crowns were up for grabs.

Here are the seven most deserving girls to come back-- and probably snatch the crowns-- in the 2012 Binibining Pilipinas pageant. 

LUZELLE FELIPE. For the past two years, BPCI has been experimenting on pretty girls who speak bad English. Who would forget Youtube sensation Janina San Miguel and Czarina Gatbonton? They aren't exactly the best public speakers. Given her context, Luzelle is not expected to be the most articulate contestant. I was surprised that she gave a decent answer during the final Q&A, although it seemed rehearsed. But what you can't take out from this tricycle driver is her incomparable Filipina beauty. Perhaps she is the most charming contestant I've ever seen in ages. Public speaking, and English, can be studied, but it will be very difficult to recreate such a magnificent beauty. 
VERDICT. Even with poor communications skills, she should be sent to at least Miss International pageant. 

DIANA AREVALO. Bad luck striked Diana twice already. Oozing with sex appeal and possesses a great composure, she could have easily won the Binibining Pilipinas Universe crown, except that there was Shamcey Supsup. She reminds me of the beautiful Maricar Balagtas but only way smarter and sophisticated. It would have been better if she won the first runner-up instead of Janine Tugonon (who looks like a pretty debater to me than a beauty queen).  
VERDICT. Diana is ready for Miss Universe. Give it to her!

SAMANTHA PURVOR. She was one of my two darkhorse bets. I thought Samantha can just steal the scene from the favorites and take home one of the most treasured crowns. She is elegant and queenly and gets prettier the longer you look at her.  
VERDICT. A Binibining Pilipinas Tourism title is appropriate for her classy personality.

PATRICIA TUMULAK. She was pushed away by strong pageant politics. I believe that Patricia should have at least been a runner--up or in Diana Necio's shoes now. Her beauty is intense as well as her stage presence. 
VERDICT. Patricia will be best appreciated in an international pegeant. Any would do.

KRISTINA MARASIGAN. Aside from Purvor, Kristina was my darkhorse bet. There is nothing so special about her, but there is nothing wrong with her too. She is what I call a statistically viable top 15 finalist in any pageant (the contestant who gets above average scores and ends up a surprise when the finalists are called). In an average year, Kristina could take home the Binibining Pilipinas Universe crown.
VERDICT.  If she improves her look and stage presence, she can be a good Miss Universe candidate.

QUEENIERICH REHMAN. I agree that she deserves to win the Best in Swimsuit Award over the assuming and over confident MJ Lastimosa. From among the contestant with Middle Eastern lineage, I find her having the most beautiful face and body. Queenierich has strong showbiz potential.
VERDICT. She can make a scene in the Miss International pageant with her talent and perfect body!

CAMILLE BALTAZAR. Elegance is written all over her. She just needs to be more competitive and she her hunger for the crown or else will fade again in the background. She has a classic moviestar beauty.
VERDICT.  Camille may be a good candidate for the Miss International crown.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Britney hates womanizers
Is it true that the firstborns of Friendly Beauty Queen (FBQ) and Retired Sexy Actress (RSA) were fathered by just one Rich Playboy (RP)?

It seems that the promise for a good life lures a lot of women to this relatively attractive and extremely affluent Valentino who has been collecting "panganays" from women of all walks of life.

His first showbiz victim was a titleholder of a national beauty pageant. Mr BlindItem was told that RP immediately abandoned FBQ after giving birth, forcing her to  go back to her work as an entertainer abroad.

The tragic ending of the crowned beauty didn't discourage RSA. In fact, she even left show business and tried to settle abroad with the man she thought then was the ideal father of her future kids. But the story repeated itself. After the sultry actress gives birth to a sickly baby, RP was nowhere to be found. She is now struggling as a single mom.

What a nightmare for women who  thought they've met the man of their dreams.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Unknown to many, Deliciously Cute Actor (DCA) who came from a lineage of actors and actresses, is a sex-starved gay man who loves to suckle.

According to a Hunky Filipino-German Flight Attendant (HFGFA), a few years ago, when he had a stopover Manila, he met DCA in a Malate bar known for its aphrodisiac food. Their simple eye contact led to an exchange of phone numbers in the bar's comfort room and was followed by a memorable tryst in the celebrity's condominium unit.

The one night stand was wild and almost never-ending. After about 24-hours and seven rounds of passionate sex, the gorgeous flight attendant feel asleep while his manhood was still inside the mouth of the closeted actor. And he woke up in exactly the same position.

Wow, good thing DCA didn't get lockjawed!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Boy band 1:43 will finally release its debut album titled "Time for Love"

FANS and supporters of all-Filipino boy band 1:43 (pronounced as “one forty-three”) will soon have a delicious treat as the pop heartthrobs release their debut slambook-album or “slambum” titled “Time for Love” under MCA Music.

The slambum features interesting and exciting trivia about 1:43 and their collection of 100% Original Pilipino Music—so fans can get to know the boys better while enjoying their feel-good songs.

Composed of four talented, charming, and stylish lads namely Anjo Resurreccion, a University of Santo Tomas Psychology graduate and a member of a university theater group; Gold Aquino, a Business Administration student from the Centro Escolar University (CEU) and a campus heartthrob; Kim Nicolas a Nursing student from Trinity University of Asia and a Candy Magazine model; and Yuki Sakamoto, an Hotel and Restaurant Management student from CEU-Makati and the main vocalist of the group.

Kim Nicolas
Yuki Sakamoto
“Time for Love” is a mini-album that contains a refreshing mix of five original and distinctly Filipino pop songs and their respective minus one versions. A product of the collaboration between critically acclaimed producer and arranger Jonathan Ong of SonicState Studio and brilliant singer-composer and vocal arranger Myrus, the slambum aspires to define the sound of today’s OPM pop genre.      

The opening track and 1:43’s latest hit single, “PiNK” (Pag-Ibig Na Kaya?), is a collaboration track with Myrus. Penned by Eric Cabahug, “PiNK” is a catchy song about falling in love. Top music blogger describes the song as "an example of how good Filipino pop can be."

“Para Kang” is a song composed by multi-awarded composer Jojo Panaligan. It is a witty metaphorical expression of the miracle that is love. Fun, playful and lively, the lyrics and melody are reminiscent of the sound of the 90s pop rock.

Fans would definitely fall in love with “Sa Puso Ko’y Ikaw”, a song that declares a deep, sincere and honest love. The first recorded song composed by Myrus, listening to this track is like getting hit by Cupid's arrow. Its potentially a big hit with its catchy, radio-friendly, easy-listening melody and commercial appeal.

“Time For Love”, the title track, is the only English song in the album. It is an upbeat song that gives tribute to 1:43’s cult following and official fans club who call themselves as Time for Love or T4L. This song is a collaboration between Cabahug, who wrote the lyrics, and Myrus, who did the melody.

Gold Aquino
Anjo Resurreccion
“Merry Christmas Na” is another Cabahug composition. Released as a promotional single in December 2010, this is the controversial song that made the boys of 1:43 instant Youtube celebrities. The song became number one for a few weeks in the P-Pop Music Chart, and has garnered over 85,000 views in Youtube.

“Time For Love” by 1:43 will be available in all major record bars beginning April 27, 2011. It is presented by Glitz and Dreamgirl Cosmetics by 4U2 and is supported by Avida Towers, and the Mendez Medical Group.